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The principle of Flex was originally conceived in my second year at University; I was given a 500mm x 500mm square of 3mm plywood and tasked to design a fruit bowl. It seemed to me that the simplest way to create a bowl-like form was to hold the material in tension to create a shallow “U” shape.

Flex is held in tension by a slotted frame- work with no need for glue or mechanical fixing. A coloured wood stain brings out the natural beauty of the material and contrasts with the burnt golden laser cut edges.

Currently shortlisted for the Made.com Emerging Talent Award.

Flex is available in two sizes.


Small - 250mm x 240mm x 35mm

Large - 380mm x 360mm x 55mm


Birch plywood with coloured woodstain and matt topcoat.


Small £30.00

Large £46.00